Welcome to the Delmon Private School

Delmon Private School caters to children of all cultures from different countries celebrating unity in diversity. Our vision is to ensure that in the process of learning, childhood is not lost. Children are watched over by a committed faculty who act as facilitators rather than teachers and an excellent teacher pupil ratio is maintained.

We are proud to offer a hygienic, safe and informal atmosphere that stimulates creative expression, cognitive growth and skills required by the child. The family of Delmon Private School welcomes all the children and embraces the innocence and individuality of each child that makes

Again, please know we are here to help make the first day of Delmon private school a happy transition and we look forward to an exciting and fun year. Welcome!


We have faith in our student future

Our students are talented, hard-working and full of good ideas. We encourage and empower them to bring their ideas to life. Hands-on opportunities are what we're all about.



To be the first choice International school providing high quality and holistic education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.



Delmon Private School is committed to create a safe and "brain-friendly" learning environment through providing a well-balanced international and national curriculum. We believe that a "brain-friendly" approach with well-trained facilitators will intrigue the joy of learning and prepare 21st century life-long learners.


Delmon Private School believes children are born eager and ready to learn! As educators, it is our responsibility to foster that learning by providing children with the opportunities that will allow them to create their own meanings to the world around them. We understand that it is not only important for children to develop the basic skills that will be the foundation for future learning.


Delmon Private School seeks to instill in the educational community it cultivates an enduring love of learning, and commitment to serve others.


Our students are talented,passionate, hard-working and full of good ideas.