The Delmon Private School follows the National Curriculum of England and National Curriculum of Bahrain from Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Kindergarten) through year 4 (Grade 3). The DPS is recognized by the Bahrain Ministry of Education and is accepted regionally and internationally. Delmon Private School program endeavours to enhance a broader educational experience that focuses on creating a balance between sciences and humanities within the framework of global citizenship. It is a school that has a fully-equipped study environment with effective and efficient staff and teachers who are dedicated and committed to develop, nurture, encourage and inspire young learners ages 3-12.

In order to develop informed, thinking and disciplined individuals ready to participate in their respective national and international settings, DPS program aims to:

  • To foster a healthy and supportive learning environment to achieve positive learning while students feel safe, relaxed and secured;
  • To provide a well-balanced international curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England and Kingdom of Bahrain’
  • To provide for children the opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need later in life;
  • To ensure that children who leave Delmon Private School are fully literate and numerate and able to meet the learning challenges of the 2st century;
  • To support children to achieve their potential in all areas of learning – intellectual, emotional, social, moral, spiritual and cultural;
  • To support, monitor and review children's progress and achievement and share this regularly with children, parents or guardians;
  • To enable children to make positive contributions to their community, society and the world around them;
  • To ensure a high level of parental involvement in school life;
  • To recognize children’s achievements and celebrate success in every aspect of learning and development;
  • To encourage all members of the Delmon Private School community to adopt the school’s core values and enable them to see the importance of taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and their learning.


To be the first choice International school providing high quality and holistic education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Delmon Private School is committed to create a safe and "brain-friendly" learning environment through providing a well-balanced international and national curriculum. We believe that a "brain-friendly" approach with well-trained facilitators will intrigue the joy of learning and prepare 21st century life-long learners.


Delmon Private School believes children are born eager and ready to learn! As educators, it is our responsibility to foster that learning by providing children with the opportunities that will allow them to create their own meanings to the world around them. We understand that it is not only important for children to develop the basic skills that will be the foundation for future learning.


Delmon Private School seeks to instill in the educational community it cultivates an enduring love of learning, and commitment to serve others.




At Delmon Private School, the goals for children in our program are for them to:

  • Provide educational services with special needs and support them to overcome their difficulties.
  • Feel safe & secure when parents leave.
  • Provide a high standard of education and continue to improve it.
  • Develop positive relationships, self-confidence and independence.
  • Appreciate cultural diversity.